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Matthew Steel is a Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall music performer, producer, and songwriter. Born in Kingston and raised in Ocho Rios, Jamaica prior to moving to Miami, Florida in his late teenage years, Steel is a true child of sound system culture. Growing up in the midst of his father’s weekly Krispy Disco Sound parties, thrown on the lawn behind his family’s patty and pastry shop in Ocho Rios’ Market Square, Matthew Steel is the real deal - Reggae music is in his blood. 

Influenced by everything from the social inequities and injustices he witnessed as a youth in Jamaica, to his father’s Motown record collection, the classic roots and culture of his homeland, and Miami club life, Steel’s music is a unique blend of roots, party, and pop music. From straight Dancehall, to Roots and Lovers Rock, to Hip Hop-flavored party records, Steel brings something for everyone. Covering everything from socially conscious issues, to ganja anthems, and odes to Caribbean queens, Steel’s music speaks to today’s Roots Reggae revivalists, Marijuana activists, club-hoppers, college students, and festivalgoers alike.  

With top production, mixing, and mastering from the likes of multi-platinum producers Supa Dups (Estelle, Sean Paul, Collie Buddz, Eminem, John Legend, Nina Sky, & more) and Blackout (Nicki Minaj, Mims), Steel takes pride in crafting and releasing music of only the highest quality in fidelity, content, and creativity. 

Steel’s 2017 EP “No Flowers” perfectly captures his message and essence as a performer, songwriter, and producer, and is due out in Spring 2017. 

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